Getting started with PixiePro. Up and running in minutes!

PixiePro’s OS images include an awesome web interface to configure you board even from the first boot. A web interface? How does PixiePro know my network configuration? That’s exactly the point: it doesn’t, so it boots as a hotspot where you can connect:

PixiePro Hotspot

The only thing you need is to power up the board (you don’t even need to put the WiFi antennas if your computer is close enough to the board).

Once you connect to the network (hint: the wireless password is “PixiePro”, we sure didn’t break our brains with that one) you can open a browser and navigate to, this is what you get:


On the firs tab, you can see the device name and basic system information. Also, in there you can enable an Audio Streaming service or Network Attached Storage (NAS) service.

En the second tab you can configure some wireless services (internet sharing, hotspot) and configure the 3G modem.


Finally, you can also configure the WiFi network to which you want to connect automatically on the next boot:


And voilà, your PixiePro is up and running.

Also, if you don’t know how to get the OS Image into the SD card, you can check this video or our Wiki.

Do you have a PixiePro and want to share your initial boot experience? Do you have ideas on how to make it better? Maybe another feature you would like to see in the web interface? Don’t hesitate on posting you comments!

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